Our corporate culture is based on the passion of a university student, enthusiastic about applying what is studying in everyday life. Match offers you the opportunity to acquire a work experience in your area of competence alongside your university degree, to have the ability to work in teams and receive appropriate rewards for your projects. Our space is a perfect place to realize your ideas and look for the most suitable resources to realize them!


Addressed to Bachelor and Master students coming from different areas of study (Management, Finance, Marketing, IT etc.), Match welcomes interested figures to get in touch with multiple business entities and collaborate with “StartUppers” who need support during the initial phases of their business. If you are a young attracted to challenges, this is for you! Our Interns are allocated to teams ready to develop ideal solutions for real projects delivered by our customers through strategic planning, business plan design and other business support support tools.


Following a preliminary interview, the candidate is evaluated and allocated to an ideal team. The assumption is that the latter is heterogeneous and has complementary figures in terms of academic knowledge and soft skills. Working groups are mapped on the basis of an accurate analysis of the individual, so it is made up of students from different faculties and efficiently matches personal skills that allow excellent teamwork. Each project is supervised by a team leader and completed on the timeframe set, even though the student is given the opportunity to manage his or her work hours in relation to university engagements.


Match has developed a personal introduction method in its community through which students can learn the business culture and receive support in approaching Business Cases (assigning them projects that were previously carried out and which do not have the solution). Resources, therefore, receive in a short time proper preparation and a perfect team allocation.


Ambition and entrepreneurship are highly sought qualities in Match. Our space is also dedicated to all those who need university colleagues who are eager to assist them in conducting research and planning the realization of new business ideas. The environment created in our offices is designed to be a recreational, fun and entertaining place, the first step towards personal and professional realization!


If you are a young graduate with a full time job, but interested in our project, we would be thrilled to welcome you as an external consultant. You will have the opportunity to advise our interns and support them in project development by sending them your experience. It could be a way to expand your network and provide valuable contribution to Match.